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    Remarkable Music Releases


    A remix of the legendary (both loved and hated) 1970 Watertown album is just re-released and gets promoted here. Lots of extra items like 'recording sessions' and more. This promo ran for four weeks but stopped at the end of July.


    A singer from the UK who is 'an Englishman in love in L.A.' It's also the title of his new album. Richard's work fits 100% into our stream, but what's more, he brings them in his own style. We're always searching for that and hope he'll will be as successful as Mat Monro (UK) once was.


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    Library NEW
    Click on 'LIBRARY' for our music selection or on 'NEW' for our latest additions.

    The library, about 18k renditions, has a carefully selected number of songs from our much bigger American Songbook Music vaults. In the 'NEW' database you'll see this year's added songs. These can also be replacements of songs we already added earlier but now in a better audio quality. LATEST UPDATE: August 16, 2022

    More Search Details.

    Show large numbers. Search actions on songtitle or artist name often give more than eight results. Change the show entry number on the upper left side to 10, 25, 50 or 100. A scrollbar appears on the right side and you can see them all. Thanks to Rick Schubert from London and his automation knowlegde, you now can actually search for whatever you want to search for into our music library. You now can search on artist name, songtitle, album or any combination, anything! Do we have a song about 'Saturday' or Perry Como? Just type the word in the search box.

    How Many Search Results Do I Have?

    Suppose you have set the 'show entry numbers' on 25 and you see the max nummer of pages on 10, then you have 250 results. With the scrollbar on the right side you can see them all.

    I see double entries in your Music Library.

    Yes these could be mistakes for sure! But in most cases it is about different versions; for instance special live versions or different mono or stereo versions. Or just a different recording in time by the same artist and the same song.

  • Our Goal . . . &

    This is all about American Music from the 40's until today. Also known as Vocal Jazz, Easy Listening or Adult Contemporary!

    "It's not what you have; its what you do with it!" René Dussen: "It started as a hobby, became a passion and is today's dedication. In the 70's I started doing local radio with my lifetime music friend".

    "A 20 hour Sinatra music-docu series on public radio gave us a nationwide breakthrough later on. After that we made American Songbook radio shows in the 80's & 90's every Sunday. 24/7 continuous broadcasting is time consuming but expensive as well. So receiving the occasional donation is a wonderful thing. It's strictly used to reduce our monthly broadcast license bills, nothing more. Our goal is to pay tribute to this type of original American music since it's also the cradle of all today's popular music genres. To me its songwriters and performers are the real American Ambassadors!"


    What Do We Offer?

    Through the years our 'cooks' gained 'Michelin' stars from their radio peers. They scored over 18k 'favs' from TuneIn listeners alone and have 2k followers on Facebook. Their musical receipt: "Listening to a radio station is a totally different experience than playing a cd yourself. Radio listeners are always doing something else while our stream is on."

    "So, for us, deciding on song selections and renditions is a matter of professional taste. Our menus are served in various tempos, settings, using a variety of instruments and arrangements. Personal preferences are not considered. Our intent is to regularly surprise listeners with unusual renditions of well-known songs by lesser-known performers.

    But the icing on the cake is the audio stream quality itself, and luckily we possess the technical knowledge and the right tools to achieve this. But our true focus is one of continually striving for improvement. It’s never 100 percent finished, you know ….”

    Non-stop music!

    The selected songs are played non-stop. Every now and then there are a few station calls, or short statements about a parti-cular genre or a new cd.  The combination of providing our audience with hourly real-time Central Park temperatures, the ‘on the hour jingles’, the vintage U.S. radio commercials, and most importantly, the music, consolidates the feel and experience of its Manhattan base.

    Song titles

    Song titles shown on our real-time playlist, come from our 'Music Library' over nearly 18k carefully selected songs. These renditions get completed with other format items like: new releases, vintage (serious or comical) commercials, unique station promos and the current Manhattan temperature. Special attention is always paid to the Chairman of Board, Francis Albert Sinatra!

    Actual Playlist Shows Other Songs!?

    In most cases: just press the F5 button; refresh page. Or delete cache memory or restart your browser or in some cases your phone/tablet/laptop/pc. Some-times we do have change our music servers to another machine during the day or night. Specially when you're a longtime listener the playlist of your device might still is set to 'the old server'.

    "TX2AB" Huh?

    In our real-time playlist you may often see these kind of letter/number combos at the end of an album title. It stands for a big 'thank you' to the person with the, in this case, 'AB' initials who sent us music which made it to our music library and playlist.

    Vintage Radio Commercials

    These often (audio-wise) upgra-ded vintage commercials need to have a few characteristics to get included in our stream. They need to be sung, melodic, legendary or funny. So you can hear some old commercials about cigarettes, cigars and alcohol too, which aren't played anymore these days, but were normal/accepted things in the twentieth century.

    Audio Stream Formats

    The AAC+ (64Kb) stream is the mobile and wifi standard for today's media players on any device. Its a format with the same superb audio quality as the good old MP3 but reduces 50% data costs for you and us. AAC+ will run automatically on newer/recent audio devices. The second possibility is the older 128 Kb/s MP3 stream. It's still there but might end sooner or later.

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  • Latest News

    Our August 2022 Update!

    Hello again! Among this month's headshots on our front page, you'll see Clark Terry. He's mostly known for his trumpet playing but we also have a vocal song by him on the playlist too. Second is Diana Panton (CAN), Sinatra, Dakota Staton, and Curtis Stigers. Adding rare renditions is important to us since it brings that surprise moment ("Who is this???") to you and extra diversity into the playlist. Your reactions to rare renditions echo the same feelings. These days our playlist consists of about 17K carefully selected songs done by over 2100 different artists. To end a practical thing. When you tried to fill out our contact form on the website, you needed good eyes to pass the six captcha security numbers to get your message accepted. Happily, we found a new font with another color, which is much easier to read

    Our July 2022 Update!

    Hello there! Most important change for this month is that all original Frank Sinatra Reprise album names are now shown on our website's playlist instead of the "The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings" album name. A while ago we received a request for that, which we understood, but it took a lot of work to make it happen. We needed rip all these Reprise cd's to get this job done right. However that other album name will still been seen while hearing a couple of Sinatra Reprise renditions, since they were only officially released for the first time in this so-called "Reprise Suitcase".

    Our June 2022 Update!

    Yes we keep on changing the faces on our frontpage every month. This month you'll see the faces of Michael Feinstein, Tierney Sutton, in the middle as always, Frank Sinatra, Karrin Alyson and Jerry Butler. Last month promotion for UK singer Richard Shelton for his album 'An Englishman In Love In L.A' did work very well for him. External statistics tell us that over 32K unique IP addresses listened to his songs. Plus this promo was a real attractor. From this month on you can also see and look into a new database in the our playlist section. Next to searching into our complete music library, you now can scroll through a 'New' database too. It shows this years additions. Also a few songs we included earlier but now with a improved audio quality.

    Our May 2022 Update!

    As usual, every month, you'll see a new group of GAS singers. Mr 'Palenka!' is on the left. Yes that's how his name was written by a hotel employee when Paul Anka toured in Europe for the first time. So it seemed there wasn't a room reservation for Paul. Second left is Catherine Russell, who made a new album. We tried to do a free promotion for her but we we‘rent successful getting closer than her management and that is also the case for the other lady next to Sinatra; Kelly Eisenhour. She made her third album, this time with drummer Jeff Hamilton. We added a selection of both albums to our playlist. No extra spotlights this time. Seth MacFarlane (right), is an American actor, screenwriter, producer, director, and singer, most known for his work in animation and comedy. But we focus on Seth's singing qualities here.

    Our March 2022 Update!                                             

    As usual every month, you'll see a new group of GAS singers. Arthur prysock (right), is probably unknown for the most of you. Arthur had no international career but sang, among others, with the original Count Basie band. The ICT members of our group took effort to speed up the audio startup after pressing the 'play' button. They found a new solution and tested it. However our stream appeared to be unreachable for some older versions of internet radio devices. So we restored the old situation, which needs a waiting time of 2 seconds. The look of the 'listen live' page itself is changed in a more logical order. The stream choosing option now is above the player. On some mobile devices it doesn't look perfect still.

  • Connected to us via W i F i ?

    The quality of your local wifi connection is your own responsibility. But maybe we can help solving issues.

    Most questions we get, are from listeners who listen via WiFi on their smartphone, internet radio or any other WiFi device, and have an issue with it. If your device can handle, next to the older Wired Connection (128 kb mp3) codec, the 64 kb aac+ codec too, please switch to Mobile & WiFi.

    Get your free Wifi Network Analyzer for Android

    Does the spot where your Wifi device is located alse receive the minimal requirements for audio via WiFi? To check this, go to the Google App Store and download this free app with the logo on the left.

    Get your Wifi Network Analyzer for Apple IOS

    Go to the App Store for iPhone and iPad and download the app with this logo on the left. We advise you to read this training page about channels 1,6 and 11 at MetaGeek

    F A Q

    Frequently Asked Questions.

      To our SONOS & BOSE listeners.

      Most Sonos & Bose users listen to us via Tunein.com in the menu of their sonos or bose phone app. However for the best audio quality and using the lowest data it's advised to listen to us via our direct URL. You don't have to be a wizkid to change that. Here are the official online manual sections for both systems. Copy & paste these links into your browser SONOS USA:
      Or for Bose systems USA: https://www.bose.com/en_us/support/articles/HC2469/

      The needed/right URL line to fill out is: https://remote.selfip.net:8030/1

      Just select/copy/paste it. It wil make you independable from TuneIn.com. Very handy also in case something changes on the Tunein website or their connections. Sometimes Tunein URL's are blocked in certain countries.

      Approved FREE! Android & IOS app.

      We found the very best listening app for all operating systems. It's called 'MyTuner' Next to our stream it also shows our playlist & images from the artists or albums. It can be downloaded from the Google and IOS playstores. Payed versions are ad free. Here's how the app looks like. MyTuner

      What and where are your URL's?

      To copy/paste our secured, but free, direct url into your default media player goto our listen live page.
      Right-click on 'Free Secured Connection Mobile & Wifi' and select 'Copy link address'. Paste (right click->Paste) wherever your music player wants 'the URL' to get filled out. Let's go to:
      Listen Live
      It should look like: https://remote.selfip.net:8020/1 for wired connections or https://remote.selfip.net:8030/1 for Mobile & Wifi. We use two codecs. AAC+ is a newer, less bandwith using codec, with the same audio quality as mp3. Beware AAC+ may not work on some older devices.

      I like to listen to you thru I T U N E S. It used to work!

      ITunes no longer has the radio button and also has an app for windows, but this should work with the mac/os version.

      1- Goto our listen live page:
      Listen Live
      2- Right-click on 'Free Secured Connection (Mobile & Wifi)' and select 'Copy link address'.
      3- Switch to iTunes and select File→Open Stream (or Command+U), a small window opens up.
      4- Paste (right click->Paste) what has been copied in step 2 into the small window, then Click OK.
      5- After a few seconds, the Great American Songbook begins to play.
      6- To save this audio stream, right click on the middle/top of iTunes and select “Add to playlist” and choose preferred option.

      I can't receive your stream on my A L E X A !

      Yes you can! Not directly from our website but with the aid of Tunein.com. A longtime listener from the 'big apple' wrote us his solution by saying: "Alexa play the Great American Songbook Radio Station from Tunein". If this works for him, it should work for you too.

      Your stream seems weaker on my W I F I than others!

      Check/control your Wifi netwerk on minimal needed 'dBm' numbers with a free network app. Or try our, more recent 'Mobile & Wifi' stream in stead of the bigger 'Wired Connections' stream. Recent internet radios/players can handle them both! Why? It has the same audio quality but 'Mobile & Wifi' only uses half of the bandwidth. Just 64 instead of 128 kB. So easier to receive via Wifi and cheeper using you 4G/5G Mobile Network.

      What is a M E S H Wifi Network?

      A mesh network actively follows you mobile devices in and around the house and connects it with the best access point on that very moment. Standard WiFi isn't pro-active. Due to their internal connection with eachother, Mesh 'follows' your wireless devices which results into a better Wifi network.

      About internet radio in your car

      If you own a smartphone with bluetooth and a mobile network connection and your car has a bluetooth option in its board/dashboard computer, you simply choose our stream on your smartphone and play/forward the stream to the car's audio system after 'pairing' your smartphone with the dashboard computer.

      My Pioneer VSX-920 receiver doesn't accept your URL!

      We have two kind of url's secured (https) and non-secured (http) This Pioneer system only accepts the older http stream url's. So try this mp3 url: http://tgas.dyndns.org:8001/1

      How can I reach you for my questions?

      Please fill out our contact form (under 'more' on the right side in our main menu) or send us and email to contact@greatamericansongbook.info or send private message in our guestbook.

  • Like Dean Martin Said:
    Keep Sending Your Presents!" 😅

    The Great American Songbook Radio Station

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    Best Regards,
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