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'Miss JAZZ!'
Bossa Nova & Jazz
Mr. Show Business
Cabaret Legend (96!)
Vocal Jazz, Broadway Actress
sultry, languid
contralto, vocals
songwriter & performer
2 Grammys
Best Album &
Best New Artist
Elegance &
Soulful Tone
And Timing
Honeyed Vocals
Close Miked Piano
Rich Tonality
2022 Vocal
GAS Album!
They Offer...
'Ear Candy' Too
Dottie &
Jean McGuire
Their Stars
Were Reborn!
Non-Stop Brilliant!
(chicago tribune)
The Songs
Singer/Pianist &
American Songbook Promotor!


WELCOME! This station is all about American Music from the 40's through today. Also known as Vocal Jazz, Easy Listening or Adult Contemporary!

"It’s not what you have; it’s what you do with it!” René: “It started as a hobby and became my profession. These days it's still my passion and so my life is dedicated to preserving and sharing the Great American Songbook. In the 70’s I started doing local radio with my lifelong friend, who shares my love of music.

A 20-hour Sinatra music/docu series, airing on public radio, later gave us national recognition. After that, we created American Songbook radio shows every Sunday throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Today's 24/7 continuous online broadcasting is not only time-consuming, it's expensive, as well. So, receiving an occasional donation is a wonderful thing!

All donations are strictly used to reduce our monthly broadcast license bills, nothing more. Our goal is to pay tribute to this type of original American art form, since The Great American Songbook is also the cradle of all today's popular music genres. To me its songwriters and performers are the real American Ambassadors!"

René, on behalf of our little group of volunteers.

Our Streaming URL's.

February 1, 2024

A lot of people listen to us via Streaming Apps like,,, and others. If your device has internet access, you can type our URL (listed below) in the Search bar and you can connect to our radio station directly. For the best experience, please choose the real source. Stream Apps often add their own commercial blocks or some make you even pay for it, while our direct stream is offered free of charge!

Our website menu on the left (At the top on smartphones) helps you find the right listening codec of your choice. For older devices and operating systems we advice you to use MP3. For modern, non-wired, wifi or mobile, devices we advise you AAC+. The big advantage of using this one, is that the AAC+ audio quality is the same as MP3 but it uses only 50% of your bandwidth. Just 64kB vs. 128 kB.

Our direct and SLL secured URL's for your device are;
AAC+ stream:
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For less recent / non-SSL devices it's: (AAC+) or (MP3)

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