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    This is all about American Music from the 40's until today. Also known as 'Easy Listening', 'Adult Contemporary' or 'Vocal Jazz'!

    "its not what you have; its what you do with it!" This stream is ‘just’ a hobby. its existence is the result of a long radio life. In the 70's I started doing local radio with my lifetime friend. Later on we started a professional radio production company and we made American Songbook radio shows on public radio in the 80's & 90's. Today 'our business plan' is to carry a torch for this type of music since its the cradle of all popular music genres.
    Its songwriters and performers are the real American Ambassadors!

    our format

    Non-stop music!

    The selected songs are non-stop played. Every now and then a few station calls, short statements about this niche genre or new cd promotions. Also once an hour the real-time Manhattan temperature. The focus and time frame of the ‘on the hour jingles’, vintage US radio commercials, and last but not least, the music, confirms the feel and experience, of it’s Manhattan base.

    Song titles

    Song titles shown on our real-time playlist, come from our 'Music Library' out of 14,558 selected songs. (April 1, 2020) These songs get completed with other format items like: new releases, vintage (sung or funny) commercials, unique station promos and the actual Manhattan temperature. There is also an extra focus on the oeuvre of the 'Chairman Of The Board'; Francis Albert Sinatra!

    Actual Playlist Shows Other Songs!?

    In most cases: just press the F5 button; refresh page. Or delete cache memory or restart your browser or in some cases your phone/tablet/laptop/pc. Sometimes we do have change the servers to another machine during the day or night. Specially when you're a longtime listener the playlist of your device might still is set to 'the old server'.

    "TX2AB" Huh?

    In our real-time playlist you may often see these kind of letter/number combo's at the end of an album title. It stands for a big 'thank you' to the person with the, in this case, 'AB' initials who sent us music which made it to our music library and playlist.

    Vintage Radio Commercials

    These often (audio-wise) upgraded vintage commercials need to have a few characteristics to get included in our stream. They are sung and melodic, legendary or funny. So you can hear some old commercials about sigarettes, cigars and alcohol too, which aren't played anymore these days but a normal/accepted thing in the twentieth century.

    Audio Stream Formats

    The 128 Kb/s mp3 stream. This is the standard for most media players on any device. The second possibility, the 64Kb aac plus stream is a newer format with the same superb audio quality but reduces 50% data costs for you! Installation: Download the plugin from this page. install the plugin and close your browser. Restart device and open your browser again. That's it.

  • Latest News

    Why do websites need Https? What is Https? And what does it do for you?

    HTTPS is an extension of HTTP. Its symbolized with a little padlock in the url in your browser. It is used for secure communication over a computer network and on the Internet. In HTTPS, the communication protocol is encrypted using TLS and SSL. Thanks to the free and disinterested help of mister 'Hellsblade' we reached our 2020 milestone. The whole website, the streams, playlist and guestbook, is secured now. (October 13, 2020)

    Another New Set Of American Songbook Performers On Our Frontpage!

    In case you don't know or can't remember the names of these singers; here they are! Jack Jones, Natalie Cole, Frank Sinatra, Jennifer Roberts and Bobby Short. Bobby Short was a cabaret singer and Jennifer Roberts is an actress & singer, but also is one of our steady contributors to our station. You can hear Jennifer as one of our announcing voices! (October, 2020)

    Real-time Manhattan Temperatures & Live Videos From Many US Hotspots! (UPDATE!)

    It felt like a virtual US journey while listening during this the Covid period. But we decided to delete the page with the real-time US video views. The connection with Eartcam TV which came in with fits and starts too often. It also made the website frontpage slower for you to appear. Plus they served lots of unwanted commercials inbetween the cam shots which didn't happen when we started this. Currently we think about an altenate gadget for you. (August 10, 2020)

    Today We Reached 14,000 Favorites/Likes On Tunein.com!

    That's way too many people to give a celebration party for, but we are very happy and thankful that we reached that huge number of listeners on tunein.com today who also pressed the fav/like button on that website. We think that listening direct via our own website is a better option for you since there will be no interuptions on the stream from actual/local commercials, but if listeners still prefer to listen that way; its your respected choice of course! (July 31,2020)

    New Artist Pictures On Our Frontpage!

    We renewed our set of American Songbook artist pictures on our frontpage again. Here are their names in case you can't recognize them all. You see from left to right: TONY DESARE, Eartha Kitt, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland & Joe Williams. As you know we honor all Great American Songbook songwriters and singers 24/7. But from today on, we will promote Tony DeSare again since he's a very underestimated singer/pianist from New York, who is the Number One advocate of the American Songbook. No, he’s not that pop singer who was told to do a GAS music album, as it’s his business, its what he does! Tony's renditions can be heard at every 'even' hour at about a quarter to the hour. (July 30, 2020)

    Donate Module!

    Due to a listener request we added a donation module since we didn't have one yet. Your support is welcome to sponsor soft- and hardware costs and all kind of broadcast- and other license fees. You will be become a 'friend of the Great American Songbook Radio Station'. It won't be used for acquaring music because this is and will always be brought in for free by our volunteers. Please feel free to fill it out.  (June 21, 2020)

    New Direct Link For Your Convenience!

    Today we added a direct Facebook link on our frontpage. That page is created for listeners and other people who want to write or exchange thoughts about this music genre. There a lots or rare Sinatra pictures on it too. You'll find this direct link icon on the left side of of our American Songbook logo.  (May 29, 2020)

    A Nice Little American Songbook Photo Album!

    We added a nice little photo album on our most visited 'Listen Live' page. When you scroll over the photo on top, you'll see a magnification glass and/or the 'More Photos!' text. When you click on that, the first (test) version of a sixteen pieces photo album opens. Let's see if and how our visitors react on this. The shown images should represent new releases and the main musical ingredients of our radio stream in general.  (May 5, 2020)

    Surfing And Listening On A Smartphone!

    This website is optimized for tablets, laptops and desktops. Activate 'auto-rotate' on your smartphone and look at our website 'sideways' on your phone, the biggest side on top. Like most websites it doesn't show huge. It sure needs some enlarging with your fingers to see it all and be able to press the buttons. But we think its much better than the older version of our website. However our guestbook is very hard to access on a phone (March 30, 2020)

    Go To Us At  TuneIn.com

    Guestbook Double Scrollbar And Bad Text View Solved!

    Today we solved two little guestbook issues. The double scrollbars are reduced to one. Also all the written text from the listeners are correct in its frame now. But we added a scrollbar to right of the 'Remarkable Music Releases' on the 'Listen Live' page. Now we can add more release info items to that page too! (March 26, 2020)

    This website is tested and works fine using:

    Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari (Apple OS), Microsoft Bing, even the older Microsoft Explorer 11 (the one with the golden line over the e). However these tests show that it ain't fully compatible with Microsoft Edge. We hope it will be solved soon! By the way I decided to to put this version on-line, though it isn't fully 100% ready yet. But conflicts with a few internet search apps decided me to do this faster than I was intended to do. (March 24 2020)

    Real-time Playlist Shows Other Songs Than Currently Played!?

    In most cases: just press the F5 button ; which means 'refresh page'. Restarting your browser will often help too. How to delete cache memory on your tablet or smartphone? Press the 'audio minus 'plus 'on/of button' on your tablet/smartphone both for ten seconds. Why does it happen? Sometimes we do have change the active servers to another machines. This issue might happen specially when you're a longtime listener. In that case the playlist page on your device might still be set to 'the old server'. (March, 23 2020)

    "All bad things do have a good side also!"

    Due to the corona pandemic we all had to stay home. So what to do? I chose a positive activity and built a brand new, more catchy, website complete with moving elements. All items you are used to to see on the older version like; the real time playlist, the audio player, our guestbook do work now. Still your suggestions are welcome! (March 20, 2020)



    Library        Christmas        2020
    Click on 'Library' to open our 'Actual Music Library, or on 'Christmas' to open 'The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Songs Section' or '2020' to see our 'Latest 2020 Song Additions'.

    All lists are presented in pdf format. The 2020 list also contains certain songs which needed a new copy due to technical imperfections. The pdf pages wil open in an new tab in your browser, but our stream will keep on playing. Our selected song renditions are listed on artist name and both on songtitle too. Into the music library from page 337 and in the Christmas section on page 9. If you want to go back to our website; simply press on the other Great American Songbook Radio Station TAB in your browser.

    I see double entries in your Music Library.

    Yes these could be mistakes. But in most cases its about different versions; for instance mono or stereo. Or different recordings by the same artist and the same song.

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    Remarkable Music Releases


    Lots of pop singers often produce an American Songbook Album too. But this the third album of Paul Garrack in our genre. He has that wide rich and full vocal range with a bluesy raspy influence. That's unique for a singer with his roots. From today on we promote this brand new album.


    Nine songs of this new album are added to our playlist today! Diana Krall descibes herself as a pianist who also sings, and when she’s doing both with her quartet there’s no one to touch her. For proof, listen here to her rendition of 'Autumn In New York'. Simply the greatest version in years!


    Before Paul Carrack we promoted an underestimated singer/pianist from New York, who is the Number One advocate of the American Songbook. No, he’s not that pop singer who was told to do a GAS music album, as it’s his business, its what he always does!

    Betty Johnson & The Highlanders- 'I Get The Blues When It Rains'.

    Rather unknown, but Betty has that 'wonder-ful classic fifties' voice. We're adding songs by her to our playlist. One 'Highlander' is the dad of Jennifers Roberts! If you're a listener you know what Jennifer does for us.

    James Taylor - 'American Standard'.

    American Standard is the twentieth studio album by American singer-songwriter James Taylor. The album was released on February 28, 2020, by Fantasy Records. American Standard received positive reviews from critics.

    Harry Connick Jr. - 'True Love'

    Harry Connick, Jr. returns with a sensational new record, True Love: A Celebration of Cole Porter. Comprised exclusively of Cole Porter compositions, True Love highlights Connick s talents as he breathes new life into popular songs from The Great American Songbook.

    Keely Smith - 'Vegas'58' - (Her Last Live Recording).

    The Queen of Vegas heads in 2005 to Feinstein's at the Regacy in New York City to celebrate her hottest hits shared with the iconic Louis Prima. Her admired singing style never sounded better on these all new LIVE recordings!

  • Connected to us via WiFi?

    The quality of your local wifi connection is your own responsibility. But maybe we can help solving issues.

    Most questions we get, are from listeners who listen via WiFi on their smartphone, internet radio or any other wifi device, and have an issue with it. If your device can handle, next to the standard mp3 codec, the aac+ codec too, please switch to aac+.

    How to check the best WIFI spots for your device?

    Please check this Wifi picture set below about "channels & dBm's". We are sure that you will understand Wifi properties better. It will also help you to optimize your local WiFi settings. The shown settings on the first picture is preferred for a multiple user situation having three Wifi access points in her/his local network.


    Get your free Wifi Network Analyzer for Android

    Does the spot where your Wifi device is located alse receive the minimal requirements for audio via WiFi? To check this, go to the Google App Store and download this free app with the logo on the left. And/or watch this short video "How to speed your WiFi."

    Get your Wifi Network Analyzer for Apple IOS

    Go to the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad and download the app with the logo on the left. We advise you to read this training page about channels 1,6 and 11 on https://www.metageek.com/training/resources/why-channels-1-6-11.html. And/or watch this three minute video for IOS "See your TRUE signal strength on iPhone"

    F A Q

    Frequently Asked Questions.

      Our Direct Stream URL's!

      To copy/paste our secured, but free, direct urls into your default media player: https://remote.selfip.net:8020/1 for mp3 or https://remote.selfip.net:8030/2 for AAC plus. This is a newer, less bandwith using codec. However AAC plus may not work on older devices.

      I can't receive your stream on my ALEXA!

      Yes you can! Not directly from our website but with the aid of Tunein.com. A longtime listener from the 'big apple' wrote us his solution by saying: "Alexa play the Great American Songbook Radio Station from Tunein". If this works for him, it should work for you too.

      Your stream seems weaker on my wifi than others!

      Check/control your Wifi netwerk on minimal needed 'dBm' numbers with a free network app. Or try our, more recent, 64 kB aac+ stream in stead of the bigger 128 kB mp3 stream. Recent internet radios can handle them both! Why? It has the same audio quality but only uses half of the bandwidth. Just 64 instead of 128 kB. So easier to receive via Wifi and cheeper using 4G (Mobile Network).

      What is a Mesh Wifi Network?

      A mesh network actively follows you mobile devices in and around the house and connects it with the best access point on that very moment. Standard WiFi isn't pro-active. Due to their internal connection with eachother, Mesh 'follows' your wireless devices which results into a better Wifi network.

      About internet radio in your car

      If you own a smartphone with bluetooth and a mobile network connection and your car has a bluetooth option in its board/dashboard computer, you simply choose our stream on your smartphone and play/forward the stream to the car's audio system after 'pairing' your smartphone with the dashboard computer.

      Who are these artists on your frontpage?

      This time you'll see from left to right: Tony DeSare, Eartha Kitt, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland & Joe Williams.

      How can I reach you for my question?

      Please fill out our contact form (under more in the main menu) or send us a private message in our guestbook.

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