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Our Menu

What do we offer?

Through the years our 'cooks' gained 'Michelin' stars from their radio peers. They scored over 18k 'favs' from TuneIn listeners alone and have 2k followers on Facebook. Their musical receipt: "Listening to a radio station is a totally different experience than playing a CD yourself. Radio listeners are always doing something else while our stream is on."

"So, for us, deciding on song selections and renditions is a matter of professional taste. Our menus are served in various tempos, settings, using a variety of instruments and arrangements. Personal preferences are not considered. Our intent is to regularly surprise listeners with unusual renditions of well-known songs by lesser-known performers. But the icing on the cake is the audio stream quality itself, and luckily we possess the technical knowledge and the right tools to achieve this. But our true focus is one of continually striving for improvement. It’s never 100 percent finished, you know ….”

Non Stop Music

The selected songs are played non-stop. Every now and then there are a few station calls, or short statements about a particular genre or promotion for a new CD. The combination of providing our audience with hourly real-time Central Park temperatures, the ‘on the hour jingles’, the vintage U.S. radio commercials, and most importantly, the music, consolidates the feel and experience of its Manhattan base.


shown on our real-time playlist come from our 'Music Library' of over nearly 18k carefully selected songs. These renditions get completed with other format items like: new releases, vintage (serious or comical) commercials, unique station promos and the current Manhattan temperature. Special attention is always paid to the Chairman of Board, Francis Albert Sinatra!